Our Story

Tripoint Solutions was founded in 2013.

After spending 20 years as a consultant in both the public and private sector, our founder often saw his clients fall for the false promise that technology was the universal solution to their organization’s varied challenges.

Tripoint was founded on the principle that People and Processes—with Technology as an enabler—are the fundamental source of any team’s ability to accomplish its mission.


Even the most motivated teams staffed with the best and brightest personnel will achieve limited success without the bedrock of a well-engineered business process. At TPS we analyze business processes to ensure they properly align with organic business needs as well as increasingly demanding stakeholder requirements. We constantly search for opportunities to streamline business processes to eliminate redundancies and automate manual tasks.


All employees must understand not only what the business process is; but also why it is important and what outcomes they are designed to achieve. Organizations must strive to provide employee training to design and ensure a flexible workforce ready to adapt to business process optimization and technology implementation.


Technology is best understood as the enabler of business goals as opposed to the goal itself.  Effective leaders prioritize limited technical resources to achieve efficiency and security enhancements to best enable their people and process to achieve the desired business outcomes.  

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