Asset Accountability


TPS provides government clients with the technical and business expertise to ensure their IT solutions for real property management and accountability support organizational mission requirements, are compliant with all federal requirements such as FRPP and RPIR and meet the highest cybersecurity requirements as directed in the DoD Risk Management Framework.


Agencies face a constantly changing regulatory and accountability structure related to asset accountability for real property, personal equipment, vehicles, etc. Government managers must integrate data from multiple legacy sources to respond effectively to external reporting requirements and more efficiently utilize their resources.


Tripoint Solutions has architected multi-dimensional asset management solutions including both technology and process driven solutions. Over decades in the industry, our practitioners have identified process improvement, data quality controls, and targeted training as keys to success.

Asset Transparency

Agencies understand exactly what assets they own, who is responsible for them, and can focus on ensuring optimal utilization.

Cost Reduction

Reduction in duplicative procurements, economies of scale, and reduction in unrequired inventory and associated maintenance.


TPS has helped ensure our clients are fully compliant with OMB and GSA efficiency initiatives, including RPIR and Mobile Now.

Other Solutions